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Mestrado Universitario en Bioloxía Molecular , Celular e Xenética
  Genetic Toxicology
   Learning aims
Learning outcomes Study programme competences
Working in group in a collaborative manner. BR6
Skills for speaking in public. BR9
Skills to express in scientific language and comunicate in an effective manner. BR5
Skills to find and interpret any kind of toxicological information by using internet network and computer tools. AR6
Learning the physical-chemical processes that a toxic agent experiences when enters the body and the factors influencing absorption, distribution, metabolizing and excreting phases. AR6
Learning the different relationships between the concentration of a toxic agent in the target location and the effects induced in the biological systems, and the factors influencing chemicals toxicity. AR6
Learning the relationship between genotoxicity processes and cancer development. AR6
Learning how assessment of exposure to genotoxic agents is carried out, and the advantages of biomonitoring vs. environmental assessment. AR12
Learning the different methodologies for genotoxicity assessment and the role of genetic polymorphisms as individual susceptibility biomarkers. AR6
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