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Mestrado Universitario en Bioloxía Molecular , Celular e Xenética
  Bioinformatics and Biomolecular models
   Study programme competencies
Code Study programme competences
A3 Skills of understanding the functioning of cells through the structural organization, biochemistry, gene expression and genetic variability.
A9 Skills of understanding the structure and dynamics of proteins to individual and proteomic level, as well as the techniques that are necessary to analyze them and to study their interactions with other biomolecules.
A11 Skills of understanding the structure, dynamics and evolution of genomes and to apply tools necessary to his study.
B1 Analysis skills to understand biological problems in connection with the Molecular and Cellular Biology and Genetics.
B2 Skills of decision making for the problem solving: that are able to apply theoretical knowledges and practical acquired in the formulation of biological problems and the looking for solutions.
B3 Skills of management of the information: that are able to gather and to understand relevant information and results, obtaining conclusions and to prepare reasoned reports on scientific and biotechnological questions
B9 Skills of preparation, show and defense of a work.
C3 Using ICT in working contexts and lifelong learning.
C6 Acquiring skills for healthy lifestyles, and healthy habits and routines.
C8 Valuing the importance of research, innovation and technological development for the socioeconomic and cultural progress of society.
C9 Ability to manage times and resources: developing plans, prioritizing activities, identifying critical points, establishing goals and accomplishing them.
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