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Mestrado Universitario en Biotecnoloxía Avanzada
  Food biotechnology

Subjects that it is recommended to have taken before
Genetic Engineering and Transgenetics /610475101
Genomics and Proteomics/610475103
Industrial Biotechnology /610475105
Biotecnological Processes and Products/610475106
Application Techniques in Biotechnology /610475107
Organisation and management of a laboratory/610475201
Biotechnological company audit/610475202
Legal and ethical aspects in Biotechnology/610475203

Subjects that are recommended to be taken simultaneously
Analysis of foodstuff. food security and traceability /610475302
Vegetal biotechnology/610475303
Animal biotechnology/610475304
Biotechnology for the sustainable development/610475305

Subjects that continue the syllabus
Master Thesis/610475006
External Practicals/610475007

Other comments
Dado que parte da bibliografía recomendada para esta materia se atopa en inglés, é recomendable ter coñecementos desta lingua, polo menos, a nivel de comprensión de textos escritos.
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