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Mestrado Universitario en Biotecnoloxía Avanzada
  Animal biotechnology
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Genomics and its application in the exploitation of natural animal variability. Structural and functional genomics. Animal genomes. Paradox of C-Value. Genomic regions and their variation. Gene identification. Linkage maps.

Breeding and marker-assisted selection Molecular makers: types, characteristics, development and analysis. Selection of quantitative traits in animals. Detection and analysis of QTLs. Use of identified genes in genetic improvement. Genome-wide association studies. Genomic selection.
Control of reproduction and assisted reproductive technologies in animals.
In vitro fertilization and embryo production
Micromanipulation of gametes and embryos
Sex determination.
Chromosome manipulation in fish and shellfish Poliploidy. Gynogenesis. Androgenesis. Monosex populations. Production of clones.

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