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Mestrado Universitario en Biotecnoloxía Avanzada
  Environmental management and floor and air technology
Topic Sub-topic
1. Introduction to atmospheric pollution. Introduction. Selection of the best treatment technologies based on the type and source of pollutants.
2. Introduction to air pollution control and waste gas treatment. Classification of the different technologies and their range of application.
3. Technologies for particulate matter removal. Description of technologies for particulate matter removal. Design equations.
4. Technologies for the removal of gases and vapors: Physical/chemical treatments. Description of physical/chemical and thermal processes for the treatment of polluted gases and vapors. Design equations.
5. Bioprocesses for the treatment of polluted gases y vapors. Description of bioreactors for the treatment of polluted gases and vapors. Design equations.
6. Innovative technologies and technologies under development. Description of innovative treatment technologies. Design equations.
7. Introduction to soil contamination. Containment techniques. Introduction. Containment techniques: physical barriers, chemical barriers and sealing.
8. Confinment techniques. Physical/chemical stabilization, solidification and vitrification.
9. Soil remediation technologies: biological treatments.
Bioremediation, phytoremediation, biopiles.
10. Soil remediation technologies: Physical/chemical and thermal treatments. Washing, flushing, soil vapor extraction, soil venting, electroremediation.
Incineration, thermal desorption, pyrolisis.

11. Soil remediation technologies: combined treatments. Combined treatments.
12. Introduction to waste management. Agricultural waste. Valorization and management of agricultural waste for its use as fertilizer. Minimization of the environmental impact of manure.
13. Anaerobic waste treatment. Anaerobic waste treatment.
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