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Mestrado Universitario en Biotecnoloxía Avanzada
  Prevention, management and environmental audits
Methodologies Description
Introductory activities Presentation of the program and guide of the subject. Questions posed by the teacher and debate about the interests, points of view and starting points of the students.
Guest lecture / keynote speech The teacher will expose orally and through the audiovisual media the basic contents of the subject. He will ask questions and other observations to direct the attention of the student on the key aspects. He will provide the student with the schemes, charts, tables, texts and other materials that he deems appropriate.
Seminar Formulation of theoretical or practical problems and documentation for analysis, study-debate and conclusions in the group. Therefore, the seminars are conceived as practical work in which to deal with real or theoretical problems.
Objective test It consists of a test type, with a single or multiple answer, which will deal with the contents worked on in the analysis of documentary sources, seminars and lectures.
Field trip The most important aspects of the installation or place to visit will be analyzed, and the key elements of it will be discussed in groups and individually, as well as the doubts and points of interest that it caused to the students.
Supervised projects Works related to one of the sections of the program themes will be performed. The steps to follow are: selection of the subject at the proposal of the teacher or the student, preliminary identification of the documentation and the methodology, elaboration of a general script, periodic sessions with the teacher or by email to follow up and prepare the report or memory, delivery of the final report, revision and, as the case may be, correction by the student.
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