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Mestrado Universitario en Neurociencia (Plan 2011)
  Nuclear explorations in neurology: SPET and PET. Digital neuroimaging
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Identifying Data 2019/20
Subject (*) Nuclear explorations in neurology: SPET and PET. Digital neuroimaging Code 610490011
Study programme
Mestrado Universitario en Neurociencia (Plan 2011)
Descriptors Cycle Period Year Type Credits
Official Master's Degree 2nd four-month period
First Optional 3
Teaching method Face-to-face
Department Ciencias Biomédicas, Medicina e Fisioterapia
Fisioterapia, Medicina e Ciencias Biomédicas
Pereira Loureiro, Javier
Miguens Vázquez, Xoán
Pereira Loureiro, Javier
Web http://talionis.citic.udc.es/formacion
General description Block II of the subject is taught on-line through the Moodle platform. Classroom hours are used to answer questions or work in groups. In this course, students must achieve the following objectives. - Analyze the fundamentals of modern radiopharmacy (PET and SPECT) for the study of neurological processes - Transfer of basic concepts to clinical and lay the basis for future isotopic explorations - Analyze isotope nuclear explorations (PET and SPECT) and the daily use for routine use in hospitals of Public Health Service. - Know the new systems of medical imaging - Understand the molecular fundaments of the pharmacological treatment of the neurological diseases. - Know the theoretical bases of the digital image of neuroscience. - Understand differences between the types of images used in neuroscience - Understand the importance of the medical imaging and research trends, particularly in the field of neuroscience. - Know to do medical imaging processing, using free and commercial software
Contingency plan
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