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Mestrado Universitario en Ciencias. Tecnoloxías e Xestión Ambiental (plan 2012)
  Frontiers in Inorganic Chemistyr
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech In these lectures the teacher will present the contents of the different themes, enphasizing their main aspects.
Seminar There will be taught in small groups. This methodology is designed to enforcement activities of the theoretical and resolution of issues, discussion sessions and directed discussion, problems, cases, etc..
Laboratory practice In addition to the lectures, students will also have sessions of laboratory work that are compulsory. Non-completion of this activity will prevent passing the subject.
Case study There will be taught in very small groups of students, and they shall be written and developed experiments, calculations or treatment procedures and data analysis, and interpreted the results.
Supervised projects There will be complement to the lectures and the workshops and seminars. Also, there will be carried out through the use of ICTs.
Objective test This test will be used to assess the degree of acquisition of skills by students as well as to point out those aspects of the subject that present greater difficulty.
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