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Mestrado Universitario en Ciencias. Tecnoloxías e Xestión Ambiental (plan 2012)
  Statistical Methods for Environmental Data
   Personalized attention
Problem solving
Students will be required to develop a study on a particular dataset. They will apply the different techniques learnt in this subject, along with a critical discussion of the results and addressing several predefined questions. They will be monitored by the teachers so that they can solve their doubts with both "face-to-face" and online advice sessions.

Tutorships will take place at the office of the teachers for solving doubts, correcting mistakes, suggesting proper approaches to deal with the proposed problems and reviewing initial versions of the works. Online advice sessions will be by means of e-mail, virtual platform, and similar.

Part-time students may also perform these works and provide them to the teachers for their assessment. Part-time students can also receive personalized assistance using both in-person and online approaches.
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