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Mestrado Universitario en Ciencias. Tecnoloxías e Xestión Ambiental (plan 2012)
  Soil Quality
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Field trip A1 A3 A15 B6 Proactive attitudes during the field trip and the development of the tasks will be positively assessed. 5
Objective test A1 A3 A15 B2 The evaluation of the course contents and the acquisition of the competences defined for the course will be evaluated in a final test, which will include theoretical questions and applied problems. 60
Oral presentation A3 A15 A19 B2 B6 C1 C6 Evaluation of the depth and quality of the work, supporting methodology, and clarity and precision of the presentation. 15
Laboratory practice A3 A15 B6 C9 The work and skills demonstrated during the laboratory work will be evaluated. Moreover, the students will hand a final report of their laboratory work, and questions related to this activity could be included in the final test. 10
Case study A1 A3 A15 B3 B4 B8 C2 C7 A real case related to soil quality will be proposed to the student, who needs to evaluate it and suggest solutions in an environmental report. 10
Assessment comments

La concesión de matrícula de honor se otorgará a los alumnos que alcancen tal calificación en la primera oportunidad. Se considerarán no presentados aquellos alumnos que realicen todas las actividades excepto la prueba objetiva.

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