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Mestrado Universitario en Ciencias. Tecnoloxías e Xestión Ambiental (plan 2012)
  Green Chemistry
Methodologies Description
Supervised projects Students will develop a work a recent scientific paper or examples of sustainable chemical processes, directly related to the subject of course, that could expose it in public. In this work, previously agreed with the teacher, the student it shall indicate the highlights, and the understanding of it through a short summary. It will evaluate the ability to summarize, arrange and present the concepts of the subject presented. There will also be questions after exposure in order to assess both the knowledge acquired by the student as well as their critical ability.
Laboratory practice The student will develop a series of experimental or computer examples of developed matters in the lectures.
Mixed objective/subjective test It will be A written test consisting of a series of questions developed by the students to evaluate the level of skills acquired during the course the student.
Objective test Periodically, in the lectures, the student will conduct several short tests for continuous assessment.
Guest lecture / keynote speech The course consists of a series of classroom sessions where the general principles of each topic will be presented. The literature and material to more adequately follow classes will be previously available in Moodle. Some of these classes are also devoted to the resolution of proposed questions in advance to students so that it can work on them before the relevant meeting. Also, periodically, you can make some short tests to the continued evaluation of the student.
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