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Mestrado Universitario en Ciencias. Tecnoloxías e Xestión Ambiental (plan 2012)
  Green Chemistry
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Objective test A1 A5 A6 A10 A11 A16 A17 B2 B6 C2 There will be some short tests of multiple choice or short-answer, according to the specified in section metodology. 40
Supervised projects A5 A11 A17 B1 B6 B8 C2 C3 C1 Process evaluation of student learning will to take place continuously, both classroom activities as non-face tutored. Besides, it will be considered in the evaluation of students the compulsory course attendance, assessed through active participation in the sessions and targeted academic papers that could be presented through an oral exposure. The continuous assessment of student during the semester will be up a point in the overall assessment. 30
Laboratory practice A3 A5 A11 B6 B1 C11 Attendance to practical classes is necessary and active participation will contribute to the final grade. 10
Mixed objective/subjective test A1 A5 A6 A10 A11 A16 A17 B2 B6 C2 The student also may be assessed through a written exam. 20
Assessment comments

To pass the subject it will be necessary to get at least 5 points 8maximun 10 points) between the different assessment activities.

Since the qualification is based on the model of continuous assessment, specifically it assesses student progression throughout the four-month period with a maximum of 1 point that may be added to the final grade.

Students who do not attend and do not participate in scheduled activities will score zero points in this section on two occasions, unless the student has recognized a part-time academic and attendance waiver of exemption. Students with appreciation a part-time and academic excepting will be evaluated by the  mixed test (20%), supervised projects (30%) and the objective test performed during programmed personalized attention (50 %).

In the case of exceptional, objectified and appropriately justified circumstances, the Professor may fully or partly exempt the student to perform the process of continuous assessment. The student that is in this circumstance must pass a specific test that leaves no doubt about achieving academic skill in both oportunities.

The student will have a rating of not submitted when making less than 25% of academic activities scheduled.

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