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Mestrado Universitario en Investigación Química e Química Industrial (Plan 2017)
  Advanced Materials Characterization Techniques
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Guest lecture / keynote speech A1 A2 A9 Valorarase o traballo do alumnado, as súas respostas, o seu nivel de coñecemento,e a súa participación activa no debate cos seus compañeiros. 5
Seminar A1 B2 B3 B5 B8 SESIÓN MAXISTRAL, SEMINARIOS, SOLUCIÓN DE PROBLEMAS: computaranse conxuntamente (25% da calificación global) 20
Problem solving A1 A2 A9 B2 B10 B11 C1 C4 SESIÓN MAXISTRAL, SEMINARIOS, SOLUCIÓN DE PROBLEMAS: computaranse conxuntamente (25% da calificación global) 15
Objective test A1 A2 A9 B2 B3 B5 B8 B10 B11 C1 Computará o 60% da calificación global. 60
Assessment comments

1. Assessment procedure. The assessment of this subject will be done
through a system whose sections and their respective weighting is detailed:

Assessment system (Weighting):

- Final examination (60 %)

- Continuous evaluation (40 %) through:

-- problems solving and case
studies and

-- continuous evaluation of the student
by means of written and oral questions during the course and eventual oral
presentation of papers and reports.

According to this, the final exam will have a weight of 60% in the
qualification of the subject. Continuous evaluation will have a 25% weight in
the qualification of the subject. The student score is obtained as a result of
applying the following formula:

Final score = 0.6 x N1 + 0.4 x N2

being N2 and N1 the numerical scores of the corresponding continuous
assessment (scale 0-10) and the final examination (scale 0-10), respectively.
Face-to-face teaching activities (seminars and tutorials) are compulsory.
Repeater students will have the same regime of classes to those who are
studying the subject for the first time.

2. Recommendations with regard to the evaluation.

The student should review the theoretical concepts introduced in the
various topics using the supporting material provided by teachers and the
literature recommended for each theme. The degree of success in the resolution
of the exercises provides a measure of the student's preparation to deal with
the final examination of the subject. Students who find difficulties in working
the proposed activities should consult with the teacher, with the goal that it
can analyze the problem and help solve these challenges.

3. Recommendations with regard to the recovery.

Teacher will discuss with students who do not successfully overcome the
evaluation process, and want it, the difficulties encountered in learning the
contents of the subject. The teacher will also provide additional material
(questions, exercises, exams, etc.) to reinforce the learning of the subject.

4. Others.

Attendance at face-to-face activities (face to face lectures, seminars and tutorials) is mandatory. The faults must be documentary supported, accepting reasons referred to in the University regulations.

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