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  Mathematics 2
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Supervised projects A20 A15 B3 B1 C1 C3 C6 Development of specific aspects with examples and solved problems. Competence B3 will be assessed. 10
Multiple-choice questions B2 B3 Multiple-choice questions 70
Problem solving A20 A25 B2 B3 C1 Delivery of exercises and solved exams. Competences A15, B2 and C3 will be assessed. 20
Assessment comments

To pass the course, it will be necessary to obtain, added the marks of all the activities, a minimum grade of 50% of the total and 50% of the multiple-choice test. To obtain the grade of not presented, it will be sufficient that the student does not participate in the multiple-choice test and has not been evaluated in the supervised Works in more than 50%. In the second chance test, the criterion to pass the subject will be the previous one or to obtain a grade of not less than 50% in the multiple choice test. With regard to successive academic courses, the teaching-learning process, including assessment, refers to one academic course, and therefore a new course would be restarted, including all assessment activities and procedures that were scheduled for that course; however, it is allowed to request to maintain the practical qualification of a previous course.

Students enrolled in part-time regime and academic exemption from attendance exemption, can be evaluated in a personalized way regarding the methodologies of Maxistral Session, Problem Solving and Tutored Jobs. Students enrolled in part-time regimen are required to sit the multiple-choice test, as well as the partial tests throughout the course. For the first and second opportunity, the evaluation criteria for this student body is the same as for the others and the attendance waiver percentage will be 80%.

Students at the first opportunity have priority in the granting of honors.

Contingency plan (due to Covid19):

Mathematics part (75%): There are no changes in the weights of the grades: 54% Multiple-choice test of the theory part, 21% Multiple-choice test of the practice (or supervised work in case of non-attendance).

Part of the statistic (25%). There are no changes in the weights of the grades: 16% Multiple choice test of the theory part, 9% Multiple choice test of the practice (or supervised work in case of non-attendance).

*Evaluation observations:

They remain the same as above.


1. Regularly attend and participate in class activities.

2. Submit supervised work by the date indicated.

3. Obtain a minimum grade of 50% in the objective test and a minimum final grade of 50% plus the marks of all the activities.

4. The July opportunity will be subject to the same criteria as the June opportunity.

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