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Grao en Química
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Mixed objective/subjective test A25 A23 A20 A16 A15 A12 A9 A6 A3 A1 B1 B3 B7 C1 C2 A test designed to assess the theoretical background of the adquired during the course. The minimum grade to pass the test will be 5 points out of 10 50
Problem solving A15 A20 A23 A24 B7 C1 C2 C3 C7 The assessment will consist on a booklet with problems that the student needs to solve 20
Laboratory practice A12 A15 A16 A23 A27 B1 B3 B4 B5 B7 C1 C2 C6 The assessment will include questions to be aswered during the laboratory work and a test about crystalline structures 30
Assessment comments
The course will be divided in two halves: one focusing on Crystallography, and one focusing on Mineralogy. Half of the abovementioned percentages of the different activities will correspond to each of this halves.
The requisite to pass each of the activities included in the assessment is to obtain a minimum grade of 5 out of 10 points in each of those activities for each half of the course. Otherwise, the student will not pass the course. In those cases when the average of all grades of the different activities is higher than 5, but the student did not obtain a minimum of 5 in all the activities, the grade that will be assigned in the official records will be 4.

Once all the activities have been passed, the final grade of the course will be the sum of the different grades obtained in the tests and activities. The mixed test will yield 50% of the final grade. Laboratory work will account for 30% of the final grade, and problem solving will result in the other 20% of the final grade. Nevertheless, it will be strictly necessary to obtain 5 points out of 10 in each of the activities: the mixed test, the laboratory work, and the problem-solving activities. The attendance to lectures, laboratory work, and the completion of exercises are compulsory in order to be evaluated. Unjustified absence to one of the laboratory sessions or one small group activity will imply the discualification from the course.
The student will be assessed as NOT PRESENTED only if he/she did not participate in any of those activities whose contribution to the final grade is higher than 10%.
The tests of May-June (first opportunity) and July (second opportunity) will be evaluated similarly in terms of percentages and requirements to pass the course. The qualification obtained in the laboratory work and group activities will be preserved until the second opportunity, while the mixed test qualification in the second opportunity will replace the one obtained in the first one.

Honors will be given only to students whose evaluation is conducted during the course and pass the tests in any of the two opportunities, until the maximum number of Honors dictated by the institution regulations is reached.  Part-time students are not obligated to attend to lectures and small-group activities, although they must attend to laboratory work. The percentage of the final grade corresponding to small-group activities will be replaced by the corresponding increase in the percentage of the mixed objective/subjective test, both in the first and second opportunities.

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