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Grao en Química
  General Chemistry 1
Methodologies Description
Workbook So that students can make the most of the guest lecture, the corresponding issue must be first read followed by responses a test to based on this reading. The completion of these tests will be essential in order to be qualified in classes and workshops problems related contents.
Guest lecture / keynote speech In the classes will review the contents of the relevant issues, indicating their most important aspects, particularly those fundamental or more difficult to understand concepts to students.
Problem solving Problem solving will be in small group and will be dedicated to solving problems and questions raised in advance of the student so that it can work on them before the corresponding session.
Uploading the answers to the questions to Moodle will be essential to be evaluated in the corresponding problema solving class.
Mixed objective/subjective test The test be held on the date set in the timetable agreed by the Faculty Board. It aims to contribute to the assessment of the level of skills acquired by students in the whole course.
Workshop The workshops are designed as a set of eminently practical activities, carried out both in large group and small group, in which the student must participate actively. Its main objective is to complete and deepen the most relevant aspects and / or difficult to understand.
Each workshop is associated with carrying out a previous work and uploading the work to Moodle will be essential to be evaluated in the corresponding class.
At the end of the workshop, using applications available on the Internet, a multiple-choice test will be carried out to assess the degree of assimilation of the student of the topics covered.
Objective test Periodically, in classes, problem solving or workshops will conduct some short exercices both to assessing student achievement as the teacher's guidance on the issues learn in their class. Besides, this activity tends to encourage the student to perform continuously the effort required to study chemistry 1
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