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Grao en Química
  General Chemistry 1
   Personalized attention
Problem solving
The teaching methodology proposed is based on the student's work, which becomes the main protagonist of the teaching-learning process. For the student to obtain optimal performance of their effort it is that there is a continuous interaction and closer student-teacher, so that the latter can lead the first in this process capital. This interaction will especially in workshops and problem solving sessions. Through student-faculty interaction, as well as the different evaluation activities will be determined to what extent the students reached the competency targets set in each unit, and determine students who need personalized attention through individualized tutoring. Therefore, periodically or teachers may call students to tutoring, to be held in the most convenient times for each student, with the intention of receiving the necessary guidance.
Regardless of the tutorials proposed by the teacher, the student may attend tutoring at his own request, as often as desired, and the time that is most suitable.
According to the ""norma que regula o réxime de dedicación ao estudo dos estudantes de grao na UDC" (Art.3.b e 4.5) and ""normas de avaliación, revisión e reclamación das cualificacións dos estudos de grao e mestrado universitario” (Art. 3 e 8b), students with recognition of part-time dedication and assistance exemption should be able to participate in a training methodology and associated teaching activities that would allow the achievement of the training objectives. Therefore, in the subject General Chemistry 1 (Química 1), the percentage of exemption would be preset in a first interview with the students, taking into account once known their personal situations. At this point, students can participate in a personalized tutorial system for guidance and evaluation, with at least five individualized sessions, which will serve for the orientation of students in their autonomous work as well as for monitoring their progression during the course and evaluating the degree of competence development reached. Regarding this last point, the tutorials will serve to carry out those activities included in the Objective Test methodology and which correspond to a 25% of the final grade for the course.
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