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Grao en Química
  General Chemistry 2
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech In the guest lectures the main features of the subject will be describe, as well as the basic contents.
Seminar In the seminars the contents will be stressed in the most detail, reinforcing the concepts covered in the lectures, mainly through the resolution of questions, problems and casework.
The seminar sessions will be based on the work of the students, which will be stated as the subject evolves.
For an adequate use of the seminars, the work will be indicated in advance to the students who should be done in advance of each seminar session.
Laboratory practice The practical demonstrations will develop experimental examples of the concepts discussed in the course.
The attendance to practical sessions is compulsory to pass the course as a whole.
Students, as indicated by the teachers, must fill a laboratory notebook. They must submit the notebook at a prefixed date. Apart from justified exceptions, notebooks will not be evaluated when delivered after the deadline.
Mixed objective/subjective test It includes open questions, key problems, and multiple choice, multiple answer, ordering, short answer, discrimination, completion and/or association exercises.
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