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Grao en Química
  General Chemistry 3
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech The teacher will present the fundamental contents of each of the topics. For better learning, students will have to advance the development of these sessions teaching materials suitable for your personal preparation. All students can consult the teacher any aspect of the matter in the tutorial schedule established for this purpose. He taught in large group.
Seminar Sessions devoted to the resolution of problems and issues with the active participation of students. He taught in small group.
Laboratory practice In the laboratory sessions students will develop experimental examples of the theoretical exposed in the classroom. Will be essential to achieving the prelaboratorios before the relevant practice (but the student can not perform such practice) as well as keep up to date lab book, according to the instructions of the teacher. This will be carried out in small group. An initial meeting will be provided in large group students to explain the content and dynamics of practices.
Objective test Periodically, in the guest lecture, in the seminars and/or in the Moodle virtual classroom, short tests will be carried out to evaluate the degree of acquisition of knowledge and skills by the students and to promote continuous assessment throughout the course.
Mixed objective/subjective test The student will perform a joint test for verifying the degree of understanding and skills of the subject has gained. It will include questions and problems about the contents of the whole subject that will have to be solved in a reasoned way.
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