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  Analytical Chemistry 1
Topic Sub-topic
Chapter 1: Analytical Chemistry Definition and scopes
Qualitative and quantitative analysis
The analytical process
Classification of methods and techniques
Chapter 2: Titrimetric Methods Basic concepts, titrimetric reaction and types of Titrations
Primary standards, standard solutions and standardized solutions
Equivalence point and detection of the end point
Titration curves
Errors associated to titrimetric methods
Chapter 3: Acid-Base Titrations Acid-Base titration theory. Titration curves
Indicators for acid-base titrations. Selection of an indicator
Strong acid versus strong base and vice versa
Weak acid versus strong base and vice versa
Titration of polyprotic acids or bases and their salts
Titration of mixtures of acids or bases
Acid-Base titration in nonaqueous solvents
Chapter 4: Redox Titrations Titration curves
Redox indicators and their selection
Oxidizing and reducing agents used prior to titration
Titrations with oxidizing agents
Titrations with reducing agents
Determination of organic and inorganic compounds
Chapter 5: Complexometric Titrations Coordination compounds of interest in titrimetric analysis
Titration curves and the factors that affect them
Metal ion indicators for chelometric titrations
Titrations with polyaminocarboxylic acids
Chapter 6: Precipitation Titrations Precipitation reactions of interest in titrimetric analysis
Titration curves
Titration of mixtures
Detection of the end point: Mohr, Volhard and Fajans methods
Chapter 7: Gravimetric Analysis Principles of the gravimetric analysis
Steps and classification of gravimetric methods
Precipitation process. Conditions for analytical precipitation
Gravimetry by chemical precipitation. Treatment of precipitates
Gravimetry by volatilization and absortion
Gravimetric calculations

Chapter 8: Evaluation of Analytical Data Definitions and basic concepts
Statistic treatment for indeterminated errors
The confidence limit
Rejection of a result
Tests of significance
Analytical data how present them
Chapter 9: Qualitative Analysis Application of chemical reactions to the qualitative analysis
Analytical characteristics of chemical reactions (sensitivity, selectivity and safety)
General and specific reagents
Analytical characteristics and reagents for metal ions
Analytical characteristics and reagents for anions
Module: Laboratory practice Acid-Base Titrations
Redox Titrations
Complexometric Titrations
Precipitation Titrations
Gravimetric Analysis
Evaluation of Analytical Data
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