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  Analytical Chemistry 1
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech In the lecture classes the professor will develop the fundamental contents of the program of the subject. To make a good use of these sessions, the student will have to prepare previously the fundamental appearances of the topic to treat, employing the educational material (diagram that reflects the contents of each topic), which will be provided to the student through the Moodle platform. The student also will must read the chapter regarding to the topic to treat in the recommended bibliography
Problem solving Classes in small groups conceived like a group of activities in which the student must participate on a direct way. They are devoted to the resolution of the bulletins of problems, which previously will have been provided to the student through the Moodle platform, and that the students will have to realise of autonomous form for discussion in these classes. Besides, in these sessions any doubts on any appearance related with the lecture sessions will be resolved.
Seminar Initial activity, before beginning the laboratory sessions, which consists on 1 session of 2 hours. In this session, the students will be exposed to the educational methodology that will be employed in the practices of laboratory.
Laboratory practice 6 laboratory sessions of 3 hours of length, in which the student will carry out the application of the theoretical concepts studied in the classroom.
Each practice owns a script and a prelaboratory exercise which will be provided to the student (through Moodle) previously to the practice sessions. The realisation of the prelaboratory exercises before starting the laboratory practice is mandatory. The scripts will have questions that the students will have to answer and deliver once finished the practices.
During laboratory sessions, and on a simultaneous way to the realisation of the experiments, the student will have to elaborate a fascicle of laboratory that collect the calculations and the experimental procedures. The professor will review the notebook of each student in each laboratory session.
Short answer questions Exams about the topics of the subject will be carried out employing short answer questions . These exams will be realised employing the Moodle platform.
Supervised projects Siupervised learning process in small groups (3-4 students) with the aim of helping students to work independently and encouraging students to become responsible for their own learning.
The proposed activities will be related with problem solving sessions. The students will work together to solve the tasks assigned by the teacher, with the aim of optimising their learning experience and that of other members of group. The activities will be discussed in a tutelage session.

Mixed objective/subjective test Two written exams will be carried out in each one of the two official announcements of January/July. One of them will evaluate the learning of the student by means of questions of theory and applied theory and the other one will consist on the resolution of problems.
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