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Grao en Química
  Analytical Chemistry 1
   Personalized attention
Laboratory practice
Problem solving
Supervised projects
The classes of problem solving and laboratory practice are conceived like activities in small groups in which the student participates directly. In this way both methodologies let personalised attention to the students allowing a better follow-up and orientation.

Regarding the supervised projects, for each group of students a tutelage session will be programmed for discussion of the activities and resolution of doubts. Therefore, the teacher will be able to analyse if the process of learning of the student is suitable.

Besides, along the term, the students will be able to do use of the schedule of tutelage sessions for asking queries or doubts about the subject.

Students with official recognition of part-time dedication and academic assistance waiver regime will be attended in a tutorships regime (by appointment). The realization of laboratory practices and assistance to problem solving sessions will be provided within the flexibility to allow coordinating schedules and material and human resources.
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