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Grao en Química
  Instrumental Analytical Chemistry 2
Methodologies Description
Laboratory practice It is inteded that the student works with the analytical techniques studied in the theoretical lessons, taking into account the infrastructure limitations of the Faculty. A laboratory notebook (logbook) has to be kept by the student in order to address his/her practical lessons.
The use of leaflets will not be allowed anyway and its use will strongly penalize the final score. A formal notebook has to be used instead.
Mixed objective/subjective test The test to evaluate the knowlege gained by the student will include both theoretical and numerical questions. The former will consist mainly in short questions and one or two questions to be developed longer. They will evaluate the theoretical classes and the seminars. An exam will be made at the end of the first chapters so that (if passed) the student can simplify the first official exam.
Seminar Seminars will be mostly devoted to solve numerical excercises. They must be tried previously by the students so that the seminars would be devoted mainly to solve their doubts.
Guest lecture / keynote speech The conceptual basis of the different analytical techniques considered in the subject will be reviewed and explained. The underlying chemical, physical or biological bases will be presented. The basic instrumental equipments will be studied and discussed.
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