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Grao en Química
  Instrumental Analytical Chemistry 2
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Laboratory practice A7 A16 A17 A19 A20 A22 A23 A26 B3 B4 B5 C3 C6 Daily evaluation: actitude, order, attention, correct experimental work, correct answers.
At the end, a general evaluation will be undergone using the student's laboratory notebook.
Guest lecture / keynote speech A7 A15 A21 A22 A23 A24 B3 C6 C7 Actitude and degree of participation of the student in the classes.
Seminar A15 A16 A20 A21 B1 B2 C7 Actitude and degree of participation of the student in the classes. Degree of preparation of the numerical exercises before the seminars. Performing of group works that can be assigned.
Mixed objective/subjective test A7 A20 A21 A24 B2 C1 Correctness and adequacy in the responses to the theoretical questions.
Correct solution to the numerical exercises. Calculations and final exact result.
Assessment comments

To pass the subject two basic requisites will be mandatory: (i) attendance to all the activities planned for the subject and (ii) get a minimum score on all (and each) activities (5 point out of 10). The test will consists of two parts containing theoretical questions and numerical exercises. Each of these two parts are evaluated separately. In order to compesate some of the parts, a minimum qualification of 4 points out of 10 must be obtained in each of the them.

The subject will not be passed in case the student shows errors in the
presentation of the equilibria, estechiometric calculations and / or
formulation of chemical equations

After finishing the first chapters, an optional objective test will be carried out (one including theoretical questions and the other with numerical exercises) so that the students passing it (score of 5, out of ten, in each part) may reduce the amount of chapters to be studied for the first examination (first opportunity, May-June).

Accordingly, all the scores must yield a minimum sum of 5 (out of 10). However, note that the subject will not be aproved (even when the overall sum exceeds 5) if a particular score does not reach 4. In this case, the final score of the subject will be "fail" (score = 4).

The "Not presented" score will be obtained in case the student makes less than 25% of the academic activities.

Note that "continuous evaluation" means that the second opportunity of July is a second opportunity for the exam (Mixed/subjective test). Following, the scores of the laboratory classes, seminars, etc. obtained previously will be maintained. The score of the new exam will substitute that from the first opportunity, with the same criteria.

For next courses, no score will be maintained and all activities will have to be repeated.

The maxixum score (10, Matricula de Honor) will be obtained by pupils doing the second exam (July) only if that score was not given in the first exam (May-June), according to the Administrative requirements.

Students being recognized officially as partial-time and entitled not to attend the lectures will be evaluated considering only the scores obtained in the objective tests (75%) and the laboratory practices (25%). This applies to both opportunities

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