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Grao en Química
  Experimental Physical Chemistry
Methodologies Description
Seminar Practical experiments to perform are proposed. These experiments are related to the theoretical contents of Physical Chemistry 3 subject. Different experimental methodologies are proposed and a specific experimental procedure is discussed.
Laboratory practice Each student is assigned a certain number of practical experiments to be performed individually. The experiments will be indicated in advance in order to prepare both the theoretical background and experimental procedure before going into the lab.
During the laboratory work, the student must show a responsible attitude in relation with both the safety regulations and the methodology and rigour of the scientific method.
The experimental results of each experiment should be analyzed and discussed adequately, being neccesary the use of computer resources.
Each student must hand in a written report of each of the experiments done. This report must contain all the experimental data, its analysis and the critical discussion of the results obtained. The report must be written following the guidelines of a scientific report.
Mixed objective/subjective test Assessment of all the contents worked on the subject, both the theoretical background and the experimental contents, related with the procedure, the analysis of data and the discussion of the results.
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