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Grao en Química
  Inorganic Chemistry 2
   Personalized attention
Guest lecture / keynote speech
Problem solving
Laboratory practice
Mixed objective/subjective test
Supervised projects
Objective test
Multiple-choice questions
Document analysis
The teaching-learning process is supported by individual attention to the student, and will take place at the most convenient time for the student and the teacher.

Those students having a part-time dedication to the course, and thus waiver of assistance to the on-site academic activities according to the regulations of UDC, will be supported with specific individual attention in different forms:
- Tutoring support upon request of the student.
- The instructor will propose (upon student request) specific tasks to the student such as problem sheets related to the contents of the course. The student will solve the problems individually and then request a tutoring session to have convenient feedback from the instructor.
- Tutoring support for the preparation of the experiments that the student will carry out in the laboratory and the preparation of the personal interview (see methodologies above). Again, these tutoring sessions will take place upon student request and scheduled at the convenience of the student.
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