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Grao en Química
  Inorganic Chemistry 4
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech Lectures: oral presentations of the topics 1-6 of “Contents” section. These sessions involve also the active participation of the students and a continuous exchange of ideas between lecturer and students.
Laboratory practice Laboratory practices (topics 7-8 in "Contents"): student's work in the laboratory, under the tutoring of the teacher. Students will synthesize and characterize coordination compounds and crystalline non-molecular solids.
Seminar Seminars: sessions in small groups to solve problems and exercices related with the topics of the lectures. They also serve as a "feed-back" to the lecturer to assess the progress of students.
Supervised projects The students must prepare the experiments, prior to start the work at the laboratory, using the literature. This process will be guided and supervised by the laboratory instructor.
Oral presentation Group sessions to present the work done during the laboratory practice. Each student must summarize his/her work in a short time (around 5 minutes) and discuss it with the audience.
Mixed objective/subjective test Written test that will include questions and numerical problems related to the contents of the course.
Summary Each student must provide the laboratory notebook at the end of the laboratory practice, as well as brief report of each experiment, which will be evaluated and corrected by the laboratory instructor.
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