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Grao en Química
  Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech Lectures dedicated to introduce the most relevant contents of the course. Active participation of students are encouraged as an important part of the lectures methodology.
Prior to each lecture students are supposed to have read the suggested readings related to the topics of the lecture. If necessary the students are expected to prepare by themselves part of the course contents in the student’s personal work hours.
Problem solving Classes given in small groups of students, which must participate actively. Problem-solving classes are dedicated to solving the doubts arisen during lectures and the preparatory readings. They are also dedicated to the resolution of problems and questions previously given to the students or to the intensive study of a particular topic through the active discussion methodology. If necessary, practical cases may also be solved using the university Moodle.
Laboratory practice Laboratory classes which are dedicated to the synthesis, isolation and characterization of organometallic compounds.
Prior to the lab class, the student studies the theoretical and synthetic aspects of each laboratory experiment using the recommended bibliographic sources. Before starting the laboratory work, the student has to show, in a personal tutorial with the professor, that has reached the necessary level of knowledge and skills necessary to understand and carry out the experiment safely. During the laboratory work, the student must work carefully paying special attention to the safety rules and showing the rigor and efficiency characteristic of the scientific method. The preparatory work, the experimental description (laboratory diary) and the conclusions drawn must be recorded in the laboratory notebook, which must be given to the professor before the deadline.
Mixed objective/subjective test The mixed test is a written exam, which consists of essay-type questions in which the student must find the answer to a more or less complex problem, which may be of logic or numeric nature. It may also contain objective test questions.
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