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Grao en Química
  Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
   Personalized attention
Guest lecture / keynote speech
Problem solving
Laboratory practice
Mixed objective/subjective test
Personalized attention is aimed to give support to the students in the process of autonomous learning. The tutorials are organized by the professor and dedicated to the solution of doubts related to the contents of this subject or arisen during the preparation of the problem-solving sessions; but, especially during the preparation of the laboratory practice classes.
Part-time students (according to the UDC regulations) will be given personalized tutorial support:
The students will be given tutorial support according to their needs at any moment.
Particularly, those students will be periodically given handouts with problems and questions designed to gauge the acquisitions of competencies. The students will solve those problems individually and, after this, attend to a tutorial to solve doubts and correct the problems.
On request, the students will also be given tutorial support in order to prepare the laboratory experiments.
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