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Grao en Química
  Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
   Sources of information
Basic A.F. Hill (2002). Organotransition metal chemistry. Cambridge, Royal Soc. of Chem.
R.H. Crabtree (2009). The organometallic chemistry of the transition metals. New Jersey, Wiley
C. Elschenbroich (2006). Organometallics. Weinheim, Wiley-VCH

Specific bibliographic sources for the work (synthesis and characterization) in an Inorganic Chemistry Lab are available in the Faculty Library.

Complementary G.O. Spessard y G.L. Miessler (2010). Organometallic Chemistry. New York, Oxford Univ. Press
D. Astruc (2003). Química organometálica. Barcelona, Reverté
R.H. Crabtree y E. Peris Fajarnés (1997). Química organometálica de los metales de transición. Castellon, Pub. Univ. Jaume I
G.A. Carriedo Ule y D. Miguel Sanjosé (1995). Iniciación a la química organometálica. Oviedo, Pub. Univ. Oviedo

"Organometallic Hypertext Book", R.


(ILPI, Interactive Learning Paradigms Incorporated) available at http://www.ilpi.com/organomet/

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