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  Organic Chemistry 1
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Unit 1. Structure and reactions of organic compounds Characteristics, structure and bonding of organic compounds: functional groups, Lewis structures, hybrid atomic orbitals, resonance. Organic Reactions: classification, types of reagents, types of reaction mechanisms. Thermodynamic and kinetic features of organic reactions. Kinetic and thermodynamic control. Reaction intermediates.
Unit 2. Stereoisomerism Nomenclature, properties and isomerism of alkanes. Constitutional isomerism and stereoisomerism. Conformational isomerism: conformational analysis of alkanes and cycloalkanes, Newman projections. Optical isomerism, chirality and symmetry. Enantiomers and diastereoisomers: nomenclature, Fischer projections. Resolution of racemic mixtures.
Unit 3. NMR Spectroscopy Basic principles of the NMR. Most important nuclei in Organic Chemistry. Chemical shift, Spin-spin coupling: N+1 rule. Identification of functional groups by NMR.
Unit 4. Alkanes Halogenation, pyrolysis, cracking, combustion.
Unit 5. Alkyl Halides Nomenclature, structure and properties. Nucleophilic substition reactions (SN): factors determinig the mechanism of nucleophilic substitutions: substrate (structure of the alkyl group and nature of the leaving group), nucleophilicity of the reagent and solvent effects. Elimination reactions. Competitive proccesses in the SN reaction: transpositions and eliminations. Organometallic compounds. Reduction of alkyl halides.
Unit 6. Alcohols Nomenclature, structure and properties. Acid-base behavior. O-H bond reactions. C-O bond reactions. Oxidation. Thiols.
Unit 7. Ethers Nomenclature, structure and properties. Ether cleavage. Epoxides. Thioethers.
Unit 8. Amines Nomenclature, structure and properties. Acid-base reactions. Alkylation of amines. Hofmann's elimination. Oxidation: Cope's elimination.
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