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Grao en Química
  Organic Chemistry 1
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Mixed objective/subjective test A1 A4 A6 A9 A10 A14 A15 A21 B2 B3 C1 It will take place during the official examination period, on the dates established by the Center. The test will consist of a written exercise with problems and questions analogous to those solved in the seminars, workshops and practicals.
ICT practicals A6 A9 A21 B2 B4 C3 The participation in the practicals will contribute with a 5% to the assessment.
The practical reports handed in through Moodle will contribute with a 10% to the assessment.
Workshop A1 A4 A6 A9 A10 B2 B4 C1 (1) the reports handed in through Moodle, (2) the attendance and participation through questions or answers during the sessions and (3) the quality of the presentations of the problems will be evaluated, taking into account the use of the appropriate nomenclature for the compounds and reactions, the clarity and specificity of the explanations and the answers to the questions that arise. 25
Assessment comments

The attendance to the practicals is a requirement to pass the subject. In order to pass the subject, it will be necessary to obtain a grade of 5 or higher (out of 10) in the mixed test. Therefore, if the minimum score is not reached in the mixed test, the student will receive a failing grade, even if the average grade is equal to or greater than 5 (in which case the grade will be 4.5). Students who have not completed the practices and do not attend to the mixed test will receive the grade of Non Presented.

The qualifications of the ITC practicals and the workshops will be maintained in the second opportunity. Therefore, in the second opportunity, students can only take a mixed test, which grade will replace the one obtained in the mixed test of the first opportunity. The students evaluated in the second opportunity will only be able to obtain the grade "with Honors" if the maximum number of these for the corresponding course has not been fully covered in the first opportunity.

Students with recognition of part-time dedication will be evaluated with the criteria set forth above.

Students with academic exemption are exempt from attending the workshops (25% of the global grade) and may be evaluated only by the ITC practicals and the mixed test, both in the first and in the second opportunity. For students who qualify for the workshop attendance waiver, the mixed test will contribute 85% of the overall grade. The attendance to the ITC practicals is a requirement to pass the subject and will be facilitated as far as possible, within the flexibility allowed by the coordination schedules and material and human resources. In the case of exceptional, objective and properly justified circumstances, the QO1 coordinator could exempt a student from the continuous evaluation of the practicals. The student under in this circumstance must pass a specific exam that leaves no doubt about the achievement of knowledge, skills and competencies of the subject (corresponding to 100% of the grade).

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