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Grao en Química
  Intermediate Organic Chemistry
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Seminar A1 A4 A6 A9 A10 A14 A15 A21 B2 B3 B4 C1 C8 Attendance and active participation of students in the analysis and resolution of the problems posed by the teacher and asking questions during interactive sessions or before and after the development of the same by e-mail will be assessed. 25
Mixed objective/subjective test A1 A4 A6 A10 A15 A21 B2 B3 B4 C1 Final written examination, where students must solve in limited time without support materials similar to those raised during seminar sessions and oral presentation problems. 70
Guest lecture / keynote speech A1 A4 A6 A9 A10 A25 B4 B3 C1 C8 Attendance and active participation of the students by asking questions or by e-mail before or after the exhibition sessions were evaluated. 5
Assessment comments
<p>The assessment by the objective test (first or second chance) will contribute 70% of the final grade. In this regard,the score on the second occasion (July) replace the obtained at the first opportunity (February). Continuous evaluation (the work done in the master classes, seminars and oral presentations and by assessing writing solutions to problem sets) will contribute 30% of the final grade. The score on continuous assessment during the course may be stored on the second occasion (July).</p><p>To qualify PASS will be necessary (1) to reach 40% of the score of the objective tests and (2) to 50% of the overall score. Students who do not participate in activities that account for more than 25% of the final score will be graded as&nbsp;NOTFILED. Students who takemore than 25% of classroom activities and after presenting the evidence does not reach 40% of the points in the same or 50% of the overall score will receive the grade of FAIL. </p><p>According to the academic regulations, students are evaluated on the second occasion shall be eligible for Honorous Distinction if the maximum number of these was not completed in its entirety at the first opportunity. </p><p>According to the recommendation of the Commission on Quality of the Faculty of Science, the Honours students who achieve the highest marks in the first opportunities will be granted. The students tested on the second occasion shall be eligible for honors if the maximum number of licenses for the corresponding course has not been fully covered at the first opportunity.</p><p>Students with recognition of dedication and part-time&nbsp; and academic exemption of assistance, the professor may fully or partly exempt to attending the continuous evaluation
process. Students in this circumstance must pass a specific test that
leaves no doubt about achieving the powers of matter on two occasions.</p>
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