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Grao en Química
  Advanced Organic Chemistry
Methodologies Description
Introductory activities An introduction to the subject will be presented to the students where the tasks to be performed along the course and the methodologies, assessment methods and the most relevant literature will be explained. It will be held the first day.
Guest lecture / keynote speech It is planned to carry out 25 sessions of lectures in one group where the theoretical contents of the subject together with relevant illustrative examples will be presented. It will consist mainly of Power Point presentations. Students will have copies of all the presentations via the Moodle application, so that students can prepare them before classes. Interactive student participation will be encouraged at all times.
Problem solving It is planned to carry out 9 problem seminar sessions in small groups where students will solve the problems elaborated by the teacher. Students will have in advance notice of such problems through the Moodle application. These seminars will also be used to solve any doubts that arise during the theoretical classes
Laboratory practice It is planned to carry out three experimental working sessions in which students will have to perform the experiments scheduled. The students will have the procedure and information about such experiments in advance through the Moodle application, so that they can prepare them before the start of the experiment at the laboratory. The student will have to demonstrate the know-how of the experiment before entering the laboratory. They have to elaborate a laboratory notebook which has to be given to the teacher at the end of the experimental work.
Mixed objective/subjective test A final exam have to be done by the student on the dates established by the Faculty Board. Additionally, there is no mandatory midterm exam which will be eliminatory, so that students who pass this test does not need to be tested by that part at the final exam.The aim of these exams will be evaluate the knowledge and skills acquired by students.
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