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Grao en Química
  Advanced Organic Chemistry
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Problem solving A15 A21 B2 B3 B4 C1 Student attendance at these seminar classes will be evaluated and their active participation will be assessed by questioning both in the classroom and through email. They will also be evaluated in the resolution of the problems at the seminars. 15
Laboratory practice A17 A19 A20 A26 Firstly, students will be evaluated through a personal interview before they start each experiment. Then the student work at the laboratory will be evaluated from the point of view of organization, management skills to handle all chemicals, equipment and apparatus with care. Finally, the laboratory notebook that student will submit at the end of the experiments will be also evaluated. The attendance and pass these experimental classes are a necessary condition to pass this subject. Attendance at these experimental classes avoids to be considered as not presented. 15
Mixed objective/subjective test A1 A4 A6 A9 A10 A14 B2 B3 C1 Students will have to solve similar problems in the written exams to those done at the seminar classes. There are two exams: the first one or non compulsory partial exam will take place in about half of semester and the final exam to be held on a fixed date on the calendar established by the Faculty Board. The partial exam is not compulsory and is eliminatory, so that students who pass it, they do not have to be evaluated from this part at the final exam. 70
Assessment comments
Students must attend all experimental laboratory classes in order to pass this subject.
They must reach at less a 45% for each evaluation items (including both partial exams if the student does not take the global final exam) and they must reach equal to or greater than 5 points average rating. An essential requirement to
pass the subject is to pass the experimental laboratory clases.

A student shall be considered “not presented” when he is not attend the experimental
laboratory classes and he is not present at the final exam.
Students will keep the rates from experimental
laboratory classes and from the seminars at the second opportunity in
July. This new exam will be held on dates determined by the Faculty Board and
the qualification will replace the one obtained in January.

Students at the second opportunity may only be eligible for honors if
the maximum number of them for this subject, according to the academic regulations, has not been covered in full at the first opportunity. In the following academic courses, students will have to perform all activities that are scheduled for that course.
The student who has not passed the laboratory practices will have to perform a test in the laboratory where he will perform the repetition of a part that will be indicated by the teacher. He must pass this test as an essential condition to pass the matter in that second opportunity.

Part-time students or students with special academic permission (according to the rules of the UDC): The same evaluation criteria listed above are applied, but it´s not mandatory to attend classroom lectures. It is compulsory to attend laboratory practical sessions. It will be tried to fit the dates to the student's availability.
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