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Grao en Química
  Chemistry Laboratory 2
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech In the first class a general presentation of the subject will be carried out: objective, contents and organization of the subject. In later sessions the basic notions of instrumentation, calibration and fundamentals of mass spectrometry will be explained.
Seminar General aspects of the application of spectrometric and / or spectroscopic techniques in the structural determination.
Workshop Resolution of practical cases of structural determination. The proposed problems will be solved, elaborating strategies that require the integration of data coming from the different spectroscopic techniques for the structural elucidation. Use of computer programs for the estimation of NMR data. Previously to some sessions, students must submitt (through Moodle) for some of the proposed problems.
Laboratory practice The students will carry out the preparation, separation and structural determination of compounds (in the Standard Operations Laboratory) and will use electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques for the experimental determination of properties of compounds (in the Physicochemical Characterization Laboratory). In both Laboratories the students will develop the programmed experiences and should elaborate laboratory reports including the data obtained and their discussion, as well as the answers to the questions raised to deepen the understanding of the experiments carried out. The reports of the standard operations practices will be submitted through Moodle.

Practical test: Realization of a practical test and resolution of questions in the laboratory, about the contents of the practices on characterization of physicochemical properties. Students will have an advanced opportunity to perform the practical test, once they have completed Physicochemical Characterization Laboratory.
Mixed objective/subjective test The mixed test will include problems about structural elucidation from spectrometric and or spectroscopic data, analogous to those solved during the workshops
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