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Grao en Química
  Chemical Engineering
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1. Introduction to Chemical Engineering. Fundamentals of chemical engineering. Representative examples of processes in the chemical industry. Definitions of common use: (non) continuous operation, (non) steady-state, equilibrium stages, contact between phases, etc.
2. Fundamentals of unit operations. Classification of unit operations. Mass transfer-, heat transfer-, simultaneous mass and heat transfer-, and momentum transfer- operations. Representative examples of unit operations. Equipment description.
3. Transport phenomena. Mass transport. Heat transfer. Momentum transfer. Fundamentals of rheology. Viscosity. Analogy between different transfer processes and their governing laws. Examples.
4. Introduction to balance equations. General problem-solving strategies. Different types of balances. Dimensions, units, and their conversion.
5. Mass balances on non-reactive processes. General case. Recycle, purge, and by-pass. Steady- and non-steady- state.
6. Mass balances on reactive processes. Simple and multiple reactions. Recycle, purge, and by-pass. Steady- and non-steady- state..
7. Energy balances. Forms of energy. Fundamentals of energy balances. Steady- and non-steady- states.
8. Chemical reactors and bioreactors. Ideal batch reactors and continuous reactors. Constant and variable volume/density reactors. Design equations. Non-ideal flow. Multiple reactors. Rate equations. Determination of kinetic data.
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