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Grao en Química
  Chemical Engineering
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Laboratory practice A11 A19 A20 B2 B5 C2 C3 Puntuásese o traballo realizado no laboratorio e o informe final 15
Guest lecture / keynote speech A11 A15 A25 B2 C3 Participación en clase e resolución de exercicios. 10
Mixed objective/subjective test A11 A15 A25 B2 Exame escrito (teoría e/ou problemas) 75
Assessment comments

- The work done in the laboratory will be taken into account as well as the report describing the results, corresponding to the analysis of data, and conclusions. Both aspects will represent 20% of the final mark.

- Active assistance to all activities (full time students) as well as exercises to be solved individually and delivered to the professor: 20% of the final mark. For part-time students, the mark will be based on solved exercises to be delivered to the professor. 

- Final examination: 60% of the final score.

- The overall score will be the sum of the above described marks. It will be considered that the student did not present the subject´s exam if he/she did not go for the final examination.

- In order to pass, the student should obtain a mínimum mark of 5/10 in the final exam; otherwise the final grading will be "fail" (4.9). The student will also fail in case the exercises to be solved and delivered to the professor have not been delivered or have not been delivered on time, before the deadline.

- The "matrícula de honor" will be rewarded to the students that achieved the maximum score in the first opportunity of evaluation. In the second opportunity, the same marks will be maintained for the lab-course (20% of the final score) as well as assistence (full time students) and delivery of the exercices (20% of the final score) but it will be required to repeat the final written exam that will represent 80% of the final score. For successive academic courses, a new teaching-learning process will start again, and the student will therefore have to repeat all activities and examinations for that new academic course.

- The completion and delivery of exercises is mandatory ("grupos reducidos").

- Second opportunity: the marks obtained by the students in each of the tests, except the written exam, during the academic year, will be maintained to calculate the score of the next opportunity, applying the same percentages as for the first opportunity. This means that the written exam (Objective test) represents 60% of the final score, both in the first and the second opportunity.o

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