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Grao en Química
  Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech
Oral presentation complemented by the use of audiovisual media about chemical biological processes in order to build the capacity of understanding of the issues by the students.
Laboratory practice The students will work in the lab experimentally setting up various techniques related to the subject of the isolation, characterization and identification of biomolecules. They will learn to work in the laboratory in accordance with safe and reproducible patterns. They also will learn how to present and interpret the results and discuss them according to knowledge acquired in the theoretical part of the subject by preparing a lab report.
Problem solving With the resolution of practical problems and work with molecular models will delve into the practical application of the concepts explained in the lectures and will take advantage of the smaller size of the group to generate questions to help reflection and personal involvement of students in the process of learning.
Diagramming Diagrams of the metabolic routes
Mixed objective/subjective test Trial combining different types of questions to assess the knowledge acquired in the various activities undertaken.

PARTIAL (date stablished in the scholar calendar)

It is not mandatory, it is eliminatory

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