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  Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Laboratory practice A1 A9 A10 A15 A20 A21 A22 A23 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B7 It is: the work developed in the laboratory, the formulation of the results and all aspects learned in the laboratory.

Attendance is mandatory
Mixed objective/subjective test A1 A5 A9 A10 A12 A13 A24 A25 B2 C1 Evaluation of the knowledge and skills acquired during course development including master classes, group activities, and practices.

The proportion in the evaluation will be:

Tracks 1-4: 40 points (eliminatory with 20 points)
Tracks 5-7: 40 points
Practices: 5 points
Problem solving A1 A5 A9 A10 A12 A13 A15 A16 A20 A21 A24 A25 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B7 C1 C3 C4 C6 C8 Active participation in groups

Attendance is mandatory
Diagramming A16 B1 B4 C3 The completion of the metabolic scheme is valued up to 5 points 5
Assessment comments


The realization of the practices in the programmed groups is obligatory.
Failure to complete the practices implies having to pass a practical
examination in the laboratory on the techniques performed. If the student does not
do the practices and wishes to submit to a global evaluation, this situation
should be brought to the attention of the professor in charge of the subject
prior to May 15, in order to have the necessary materials, equipment and
reagents to carry out this exam. will perform at least a week in advance of the
theoretical exams of the official call.



Attendance to master classes and small groups is compulsory, except if the
student has requested at the time of enrollment "part-time
dedication" or "assistance exemption", according to the current
regulations of the UDC.




1.-Continuous evaluation:

In this evaluation all the activities carried out during the course and the
scores reached by the student in the objective tests are taken into account.

a) Assiduous participation in programmed activities; including, practical
classes, lectures and small groups.

b) The student must accumulate a minimum of 40 points in the sum of the
grades the objective tests (exam subjects1-4, exam subjects 5-7 and exam of
practices) to add the scores of the activities (attendance, participation and
works) .

c) The final sum must be equal to 50 or more points.


There is an early opportunity for the completion of the test corresponding
to Topics 1-4 (Partial). This exam is not compulsory, but obtaining at least 20
points frees the subject (topics 1-4) for the exam options in the official June
and July exams, in which the score reached will be recorded for this part. in
the partial. However, the student can repeat the evaluation of this part if he
wants to raise the grade, but in this case the score reached in the
corresponding test will be recorded, even if it is lower than that reached in
the partial.


2. - Overall evaluation

Students with part-time dedication or with officially recognized exemption
of attendance, or who for other circumstances have not been able to attend
regularly to class and carry out the programmed activities, will be evaluated
in this modality that will consist in the realization of a global examination
on all the theoretical and practical content of the subject that will be scored
on 95 points, which will be added the qualification of completion of practices
either through the scheduled groups or in a practical laboratory test (about 5
points). The total score reached must be 50 points or more to pass the subject.



Students who do not attend any of the objective tests in the June or July
option will have the grade of "not presented" in the corresponding



Following the recommendations of the Quality Committee of the Faculty of
Sciences, the Honors Enrollment will be granted preferably among those students
who obtained the highest grades (outstanding) in the first evaluation option


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