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Grao en Química
  Design, Elaboration and Management of Chemistry Projects
Methodologies Competencies Description Qualification
Oral presentation A1 B7 C1 C3 C4 Na sesión de exposición oral avaliarase as competencias dos alumnos na expresión oral, na capacidade de sintese. Así mesmo, avaliarase a capacidade de discusión e defensa do traballo tutelado presentado por escrito. 10
Supervised projects A22 A28 B4 B5 C1 C3 C4 During course students will do a project/study in small groups, which have to hand in writing way. The clarity of content, presentation and writing will be assessed. The process of preparing the work will also be evaluated with special attention to the capacity of group work and individual initiative. The project is obligatory in the fixed time. Is not possible to pass the course without doing and handing the project. 70
Seminar A11 A15 B2 B4 B7 During the week some exercices will be provided to students to solve which should be turned over to teacher before correcting in the seminar sesion. Other times, teacher will provide some exercices to students for solving in the seminar sesion. The handed exercises will be scored up 20%, proportional way, of total score.
Assessment comments
<p>The test will include a practical issues. The test score will add to score of the other activities.To pass the course at least 5 points will be required in the test, do and turn over project and get 5 points in the final mark. &nbsp;If the minimum score is not reached and/or the project is not hand, moreover the sum of final mark is 5 points, or more, the matter appear as failing grade (4,5). &nbsp;Students who don´t appear more than 20% of avaliable activities will consider like "not attend". The score of seminar and supervised project in the second opportunity will keep while the test score of the second opportunity will replace &nbsp;the score of first opportunity test. Students in second opportunity cannot reach maximum score if was reached in first opportunity. The next course will begin like new one course in all activities.</p>
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