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Grao en Química
  Laboratory Automation
   Sources of information
Basic Travis, J. and Kring, J. (2008). LabVIEW for Everyone Graphical Programming Made Easy and Fun. Prentice Hall
del Río Fernández, J; Shariat-Panahi, S.; Sarriá Gandul, D. y Lázaro, A.M. (2011). LabVIEW Programación para sistemas de instrumentación. Garceta
Various (2000-2014). Reports and colaboration papers from National Instruments, in PDF and PPS format (restricted sharing in the asignature web cloud).
Hernández Gaviño, Ricardo (2010). Introducción a los sistemas de control: Conceptos, aplicaciones y simulación con MATLAB. Prentice Hall
Seborg, D.E.; Edgar, T.F.; Mellichamp, D.A. (2004). Process Dynamics and Control. John Wiley & Sons

 - Specific and variable information sources, i.e. online papers, will be uploaded as PDF files to the subject webpage (located inside the web moodle.udc.es, restricted access)


-Research papers related to course subject, from different sources, such as "Journal of Chemical Education" or "Journal of Automated Methods & Management in Chemistry"

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