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Grao en Química
  Medicinal Chemistry
Methodologies Description
Guest lecture / keynote speech The contents will be presented. During the presentations the teacher can provide supplementary material to the literature with the aim that the explanations can be tracked effectively. The ability to create notes and search for information will also be developed. The understanding of the most relevant aspects of each subject will be assessed by taking asynchronous tests available on the subject's Moodle or Teams platforms
Seminar The contents of each chapter will be discussed in seminars by solving exercises and analysis of practical cases. Students will have early enough problem sets through the Moodle platform. We may request delivery of solved exercises.
Laboratory practice Different practicals related to the subject will be conducted, using free distribution software and web applications aimed to rational drug design. In particular, the estimation of pharmacokinetic parameters for small organic molecules is proposed, in addition to the study of the target-molecule pharmacological interaction using molecular docking.
Mixed objective/subjective test A test with questions related to the contents of the subject will be asked.
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