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 Study programme competences

Type A Code Study programme competences Specific
  A1 Ability to use chemistry terminology, nomenclature, conventions and units
  A2 Ability to describe and account for trends in properties of chemical elements throughout the periodic table
  A3 Knowledge of characteristics of the different states of matter and theories used to describe them
  A4 Knowledge of main types of chemical reaction and characteristics of each
  A5 Understanding of principles of thermodynamics and its applications in chemistry
  A6 Knowledge of chemical elements and their compounds, synthesis, structure, properties and reactivity
  A7 Knowledge and application of analytical methods
  A8 Knowledge of principles of quantum mechanics and atomic and molecular structure
  A9 Knowledge of structural characteristics of chemical and stereochemical compounds, and basic methods of structural analysis and research
  A10 Knowledge of chemical kinetics, catalysis and reaction mechanisms
  A11 Knowledge and design of unit operations in chemical engineering
  A12 Ability to relate macroscopic properties of matter to its microscopic structure
  A13 Understanding of chemistry of main biological processes
  A14 Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of concepts, principles and theories in chemistry
  A15 Ability to recognise and analyse new problems and develop solution strategies
  A16 Ability to source, assess and apply technical bibliographical information and data relating to chemistry
  A17 Ability to work safely in a chemistry laboratory (handling of materials, disposal of waste)
  A18 Risk management in relation to use of chemical substances and laboratory procedures
  A19 Ability to follow standard procedures and handle scientific equipment
  A20 Ability to interpret data resulting from laboratory observation and measurement
  A21 Understanding of qualitative and quantitative aspects of chemical problems
  A22 Ability to plan, design and develop projects and experiments
  A23 Critical standards of excellence in experimental technique and analysis
  A24 Ability to explain chemical processes and phenomena clearly and simply
  A25 Ability to recognise and analyse link between chemistry and other disciplines, and presence of chemical processes in everyday life
  A26 Ability to follow standard laboratory procedures in relation to analysis and synthesis of organic and inorganic systems
  A27 Ability to teach chemistry and related subjects at different academic levels
  A28 Acquisition, assessment and application of basic principles of industrial activity, organisation and task management
Type B Code Study programme competences Basic / General
  B1 Learning to learn
  B2 Effective problem solving
  B3 Application of logical, critical, creative thinking
  B4 Working independently on own initiative
  B5 Teamwork and collaboration
  B6 Ethical, responsible, civic-minded professionalism
  B7 Effective workplace communication
Type C Code Study programme competences Transversal / Nuclear
  C1 Ability to express oneself accurately in the official languages of Galicia (oral and in written)
  C2 Oral and written proficiency in a foreign language
  C3 Ability to use basic information and communications technology (ICT) tools for professional purposes and learning throughout life
  C4 Self-development as an open, educated, critical, engaged, democratic, socially responsible citizen, equipped to analyse reality, diagnose problems, and formulate and implement informed solutions for the common good
  C5 Understanding importance of entrepreneurship, and knowledge of resources available for people with business ideas
  C6 Ability to assess critically the knowledge, technology and information available for problem solving
  C7 Acceptance as a professional and as a citizen of importance of lifelong learning
  C8 Understanding role of research, innovation and technology in socio-economic and cultural development
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