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Grao en Bioloxía
  Microscopic Organography
Methodologies Description
Directed discussion -7 compulsory sessions of guided discussion, of 50 minutes of length each one, will be realise. They are addressed to 8 reduced groups of students and are supervised by the professor. In them diverse activities will realise, all of them computable inside the evaluation system:
-A) Clarificación of the doubts presented by the student on the contents of the subjet explained in the masterclasses.
-B) During each week of the reduced groups sessions, the students will answer a questionnaire, whose subject matter is related to the contents of the subject previously addressed in the corresponding master session and with the contents of the subjet covered in each session of small groups, that will have worked using the recommended bibliography . The questionnaires are available to the student in the Moodle platform, where they will be answered.
-C) Interpretation of microscopic images of animal and vegetal organs obtained in several web pages of special histology/organography, where they will treat to identify different appearances of the anatomy of the organs studied .
- These sessions allow direct knowledge of the degree of assimilation of the student. They shall be scattered among the keynote lectures and always relate to the content discussed in them, explained above. If given the circumstances that prevent attendance at sessions of guided discussion, these must be notified before the teacher, and must be justified documentary.
The calendar devoted to this activity will indicate to beginning of the course.

Laboratory practice - They will realise 15 compulsory hours of practices of laboratory, distributed in a session of 1 hour and 7 sessions of 2 hours each one. They will be organised 7 groups, in batches of morning (3) and afternoon (4). The calendar of the practices and the schedule will be published during the course. In them the teacher will expose the aims of each practice, will orient the observations of the student, and will clear them the doubts on the identity of the structures observed
- They will observe the structure of several organs in preparations of animal and vegetables to optical microscope. In them they will identify several cellular types and tissues in order to know the structure of the organs object of study . For this, they will have microscopes and access to atlas, texts books and to specific pages of internet.
- In occasions, will resolve a questionnaire related with their observations.
- Also they will tackle theoretical appearances concernientes to the experimental methodology that employs in the asignatura, so that the student purchase the own manual skills of the anatomical techniques.
- In case to give circumstances that prevent the attendance to the practices, these must be notified prior to the professor, and will have to be properly justified documentary.

Guest lecture / keynote speech Along the cuatrimestre will give 28 lessons magistrales compulsory of 50 minutes of length to a wide group of students, at a rate of 2 sessions by week, in groups of morning and afternoon. The lessons will treat on the basic theoretical contents of the program, that the professor will explain helping of drawings, images and of audiovisual means (presentations with computer). Also they will resolve punctual questions posed by the students. For an elder aprovechamiento of these sessions, advises that the student review the knowledges of Vegetal and Animal Histology purchased in the previous course and read previously the fundamental appearances of the lessons in the bibliographic texts recommended
will develop according to the calendar approved by the Board of Faculty.

Introductory activities It will devote a first session to the presentation of the subjet where will expose the distinct sections of the educational guide (structuring, competitions, program-contents, planning, methodology, evaluation, bibliographic resources, etc.) and where the student will be able to pose any doubt or relative question to the same. Likewise it will put to disposal of the student a cronograma detailed of the activities to develop during the cuatrimestre and a complete version of the educational guide in the platform Moodle.
Objective test It will realise a final examination on the theoretical and practical contents of the subjet, in the official date fixed by the Board of Faculty.
- The students that have not surpassed the official examination of the Announcement of May, or have not presented to the same will be able to examine in the Announcement of Julio.
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