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Grao en Bioloxía

Subjects that it is recommended to have taken before
Biology: Basic Levels of Organisation of Life I (Cells)/610G02007
Biology: Basic Levels of Organisation of Life II (Tissues)/610G02008
Biochemistry I/610G02011

Subjects that are recommended to be taken simultaneously

Subjects that continue the syllabus
Molecular Genetics/610G02020
Population Genetics and Evolution/610G02021

Other comments

Attending class regularly is one strategy to maintain satisfactory academic progress. Relying on Moodle notes is not enough to pass at the higher education level!

Asking questions in class if you do not understand the material presented.

The more you read, do homework, participate in class, the more familiar you will become with content, which is a strategy to help you pass.

You will also be expected to read other materials in addition to the textbook to give you differing viewpoints and to develop your critical thinking.

You are most welcome to set up meetings with your instructors to discuss any issue about the subject.

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