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Grao en Nanociencia e Nanotecnoloxía
  Chemistry: Equilibrium and Change
   Sources of information
Basic Petrucci, R.H.; Herring, F.G.; Madura, J.D.; Bissonnette, C. (2011). Química General: principios y aplicaciones modernas. Madrid, 10ª Ed., Prentice Hall.
Levine, I.N. (2014). Principios de Fisicoquímica. México, 6ª Ed., MacGraw Hill.

Previous editions are also recommended textbook Petrucci. For example in the library copies are available from the 8th Ed, with reference: QX-240.

Complementary Reboiras, M.D. (2007). Problemas resueltos de Química. Madrid, Thomson Paraninfo, S.A.
Chang, R. L (2013). Química. 11ª Ed., México, Mc Graw Hill

In general any chemistry textbook usually serves as a study guide for the course.

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