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  Constitution and Judiciary
Methodologies Description
Directed discussion Directed discussion is a tool that fosters the intervention of students in class based on a proposed topic on the subjects being taught and, usually, current events. Likewise, it is sought that students look for practical solutions to specific problems based on the knowledge acquired in previous sessions.
Oral presentation The oral presentation is a technique both for the oral presentation of the cases prepared by the students and for the oral presentation of parts of the subject.
Mixed objective/subjective test For the evaluation of the students, in addition to the continuous evaluation, the result of a mixed test is taken into account, which, although it may vary from one course to another, is basically made up of test-type questions, short questions and eventually the resolution of practical cases.
Guest lecture / keynote speech The face-to-face classes are developed from theoretical sessions based on the master lesson. Then other techniques are used such as guided discussions or oral presentations
Supervised projects With the preparation of projects, it is intended that students learn to carry out research and develop autonomous learning.
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