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  Criminal Proceedings
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Identifying Data 2020/21
Subject (*) Criminal Proceedings Code 612G01028
Study programme
Grao en Dereito
Descriptors Cycle Period Year Type Credits
Graduate 2nd four-month period
Third Obligatory 6
Teaching method Face-to-face
Department Dereito Público
Ferreiro Baamonde, Xulio
Anguita Juega, Luis
Camara Ruiz, Juan
Ferreiro Baamonde, Xulio
Soto Díaz, David José
General description This course is designed to give students a comprehensive knowledge about the main legal institutions involved in criminal proceedings. Specifically, the following issues will be considered: a) Constitutional principles involved in criminal proceedings; b) Judicial protection; c) Criminal proceedings regulation as a tool for the protection and enforcement of: Ius puniendi, and victims and defendant's rights; d) Investiagion phase; e) Trial; f) Appeal; g) Special procedures;
Contingency plan 1. Modifications to the contents The contents won't be modified. 2. Methodologies *Teaching methodologies that are maintained The general methodological structure will be kept. Obviously, classes will be adapted to Teams, either theortetical classes and case resolution sessions. *Teaching methodologies that are modified Activities will be delivered by moodle. On-site classes will be substituted by on-line classes through Teams. In that case, duration and frecuency will be modulated to fit to this new environment. 3. Mechanisms for personalized attention to students Personalized attention to students will be offered by moodle discussions and e-mail consultation. In cases which be considered necessary, on-line interviews may be used. 4. Modifications in the evaluation The evaluation will change in the following way: Activities and cases will imply 30% of the grades, and the final test will have the 70% of the weight. The final test will be substituted by an oral examination through teams. 5. Modifications to the bibliography or webgraphy It is not considered. Although, complementary readins will be offered by moodle in order to help with e-learning methodology.
(*)The teaching guide is the document in which the URV publishes the information about all its courses. It is a public document and cannot be modified. Only in exceptional cases can it be revised by the competent agent or duly revised so that it is in line with current legislation.
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