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Code Study programme competences
A1 Knowledge of the main legal institutions
A2 Knowledge of the role of law as a regulatory system of social relations
A3 Grasping the systematic nature of the legal system
A4 Appreciating the interdisciplinary nature of legal problems
A5 Knowing the constitutional principles and values.
A8 Basic knowledge of legal argumentation.
A9 Ability to handle legal sources (legal, jurisprudential and doctrinal).
A11 Ability to understand and write legal documents.
B2 Ability to know how to apply their knowledge to their work or vocation in a professional way and possess the skills that are usually demonstrated through the elaboration and defense of arguments and the resolution of problems within their area of study.
B3 Ability to gather and interpret relevant data (usually within their area of study) to make judgments that include a reflection on social, scientific or ethical relevant issues.
B5 Acquisition and assessment of those learning skills necessary to undertake further studies with a high degree of autonomy
B7 Effective problem solving.
B8 Critical, logical, and creative thinking.
B11 Ethical and social responsibility.
B12 Effective workplace communication and oral and written skills in Spanish, Galician and foreign languages.
C2 Mastering oral and written expression in foreign languages.
C4 Exercising an open, educated, critical, committed, democratic and supportive citizenship for the sake of the common good.
C6 Critically assess the knowledge, technology and information available to solve the problems they face.
C7 Assume as a professional and citizen the importance of lifelong learning.
C8 Valuing the importance of research, innovation and technological development for the socioeconomic and cultural progress of society.
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